Teens are not adults yet, but they are not children. It is an in-between place, which is a very difficult place to be. It is their job to differentiate from their parents and that in itself is a difficult job. There are also additional pressures that are facing adolescents: the pressure to excel in school, extracurricular activities, making friends and thrive in their social setting. Teens can struggle with their genuine concerns and feelings especially when who they are does not fit or comply with outer expectations and demands. Teens are consistently challenged to navigate their time and energy constructively while still having fun, being creative and exploring their interests.

Teens often vacillate between needing parental support and pushing any help provided away. They also sometimes take risks and behave in ways that are alarming and infuriating.

Counseling provides a safe environment for an adolescent to discuss and work through whatever issues they may be facing.  Through the relationship with their counselor, adolescents begin to feel comfortable opening up about issues they simply would not talk about with their parents (or possibly any other adult.)  It is quite common for adolescents to tell me at the end of a session that they feel a lot better, simply because they have had a chance to get some things off their chest.