Couples Counseling

Being in an intimate relationship requires a balance between the needs of the individual and the needs of the couple. Finding that delicate balance is one of our goals.

As a couples therapist, I will help you to understand more about your relational dynamics and help you to develop tools for better communication. The wonderful thing about being in an intimate relationship is that your intimate other will help you to become aware of your unconscious habits, and through it is very hard to have the person you love the most in the world also be the person who is driving you crazy, guiding help can deepen not only your relationship, but also the relationship with your self. It is natural for couples to repeat patterns of relating, even when they promise themselves not to. That is because patter of relating are embodied, and often unconsciously enacted. The couple’s I work with develop a deeper understanding of their interpersonal dynamics. Couples also grow more aware of the needs of each individual and how to make choices to also meet the needs of the relationship.

Our goals in working together are to heal wounds, enhance affection, address emotional reactivity, conflict resolution. We will take up the project of establishing a balance between the need for security and the need for mystery and adventure in the interest of the search for passion. Each partner must recognize their contribution to the problem and be accountable. The healing requires taking up the challenge of relationship as an opportunity for personal growth.